European Forum on Electronic Signature

Lecture: Electronic signature as a service. New challenges and opportunities provided by the PKI 2.0 model.

Presenter: Michał Tabor, Trusted Information Consulting

About conference: The purpose of this year's conference is to exchange information on the latest trends and activities in the field of electronic identification and authentication of citizens and electronic signatures in legal, technological and practical aspects. We’ll summarize and assess the effects of legislative action and the effects of previously implemented projects related to the provision of electronic services for citizens and businesses, with a focus on cross-border validation of electronic signatures and certificates service, electronic workflow and electronic identification.

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June 6 - 8, 2011

AURORA hotel, Międzyzdroje - Poland

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The risk analysis in card business

Lecture: Account of the risk is a driving force to change the model of secure electronic transactions

Presenters: Michał Tabor, Przemysław Momot, Trusted Information Consulting

Overview: The risk analysis accompanies man in all fields of his activity. The fastest implementation of processes of risk analysis is within financial institutions, what can be seen by average citizen in the case of services provided by credit cards. Risk analysis made it possible to offer a wide range of products, with different value of the transaction and the varying strengths of both the security process and the card itself. At the same time the responsibility for transactions in large part has been transferred from the user to the card issuer. The authors of the presentation will show how the risk assessment process affects changes in the security model of electronic transactions based on electronic signature implemented in both the traditional PKI technology, as well as PKI 2.0 where the signing process is implemented as a service.


March 17, 2011, 13.30 – 13.55

Polonia Palace Hotel, Warsaw - Poland

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Digital Signature - are we ready for innovative thinking and acting

The objective of this lecture is to introduce an alternative way of thinking about the electronic signature and, what’s more, an alternative solution [PKI 2.0], which adjusts the electronic signature  o the real needs of electronic services. During the lecture I will show the way of developing this solution in cooperation with science and industry. This case study is only a motive for a broader look on the place of innovative thinking in the making of IT solutions. I would like to show, that if we, the polish IT experts, want to be reckoned on the IT market (the global market, since IT is global) we have our chance only if we take the advantage of innovative thinking. I do not guarantee that the approach I present will be successful, but I would like to convince my auditors to a change in their way of thinking about the use of IT techniques and developing information systems.


March 10, 2011

AGH Center of didactics, Pavilion U2, Krakow - Poland

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PKI 2.0 Partner Workshop


The workshops are dedicated to our present and future Partners, to all participants of electronic signature’s market, interested in new approach to electronic signature included in the PKI 2.0 conception.

The goal of the partner’s workshops will be to promote solutions concerning the Public Key Infrastructure 2.0, elaborated by Wrocław University of Technology and Trusted Information Consulting.
During the workshops will be shown the business models, algorithms, protocols and schemes of PKI 2.0 technology’s usage. The workshops will facilitate the exchange of opinions among Partners, and also will indicate the directions of development of the PKI 2.0 idea. The workshops will be in English/Polish. Conference cost 500zł + Vat.


January 20, 2011

Wrocław University of Technology, Wroclaw – Poland

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