Polish-German Bilateral Conference "Inside Standard 2012"

On 21-22th November 2012 the first Polish-German Bilateral Conference „Inside Standard 2012” will be held at the Conference Center of Collegium Polonicum in Słubice, Poland. The conference will address current practical and research challenges of Security in ICT systems. During the first day of the conference Michał Tabor from Trusted Information Consulting will be giving a presentation titled “Simpler certificate in PKI 2.0 model”, concerning the implementation of PKI 2.0, which is a new electronic signature model of providing signature services which allow to present to the relaying party only the data and attributes which are needed for the transaction. Also, on the second day of the conference, Przemysław Kubiak and Anna Lauks-Dutka from Wrocław University of Technology will be giving their presentation on “Cryptographic Interface for Mediated Signature Services”, concerning services for mediated signature scheme which are used in the PKI 2.0.


12th Edition of the European Forum on Electronic Signature in Międzyzdroje


On June 4-6th the 12th edition of the European Forum on Electronic Signature will be held in Międzyzdroje. On the conference Michał Tabor from Trusted Information Consulting will give his presentation on “Crossing boundaries of electronic signatures”.

Advanced electronic signature verified with a certificate that identifies the signatory is a tool developed in the European Union mainly due to the needs of public administration. Business uses different tools, which are far more flexible and are based upon more practical business models. Overcoming the barriers which hold back the electronic signature market needs a fresh look and a new way to create and verify the electronic signature.


Central European Electronic Card


On 30th November there will be the 4th International Conference “Central European Electronic Card” held in Warsaw. On the conference one of the speakers will be Michał Tabor with his “Lighter certificate of electronic signature” lecture which is an extension of an article of the same title. This lecture gives more insight into the PKI 2.0 way of thinking about an electronic signature.

Therefore we would like to invite you to the upcoming event.

The conference Central European Electronic Card Warsaw is organized in the format of information and education and training event. Organizational foundation for this year conference, perfect for practice, is the introduction to each session a lively debate, exchange views, increase the activity of all participants, both speakers and listeners. The agenda of the conference can be found here:.

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Boosting trust in the digital single market: the role of signature

Lecture: Mediated electronic signature; Polish Interoperability Test for Electronic Signature

Presenter: Daniel Wachnik, Institute of Computer Science (Institute of Mathematical Machines), Electronic Signature Laboratory

The conference was organized by Ministry of Economy as a Polish Presidency associated event . During this two daylong conference have been presented many interesting speeches regarding novelty of European Directive on a Community framework for electronic signatures. The participants of the conference were European Commission representatives as well as representatives of Member States. On the conference was presented a mediated signature schema, which is recognized as one of the technical implementations of PKI 2.0 methodology.

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9 - 10 November 2011, Warsaw, Poland


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