What is it


Public Key Infrastructure PKI 2.0 is an innovative concept for the electronic signature. So far, the base of PKI were certification services, that were focused upon issuing and management of the certificates life cycle. In PKI 2.0 the services are directly related to the support and protection of the signing process.

Public Key Infrastructure PKI 2.0 signature is verified during the signing process on-line by the Signature Authority, which performs the verification of the certificate, permission and the verification of additional security requirements. Involvement of Signature Authority guarantees that the signature was created in its set time, is valid and fulfils expected security features. The use of a PKI 2.0 signature reduces the risk of using an electronic signature on signatory and trusting parties sides and what’ more, it enables the possibility to aggregate risk on Signature Authority side.

PKI 2.0 provides all features of the Advanced Electronic Signature by giving full control of the signing process to the signatory and at the same time allows to treat the signature as a security service that’s supported by a Trusted Third Party. Used technology gives the possibility to reduce expenditures and costs related to the registration of the signatory in the process of obtaining a certificate and the control over signatures created by the signatory. The feature that distinguishes PKI 2.0 signatures is the possibility to apply a business model which is relative to the amount of signatures, the level of obligation and added value offered by the provider.


Features of PKI 2.0 signature:


  • Signature is in the users control - not only in terms of data used for signing, but also in terms of other signing parameters.

  • The signature is accountable - the history if signatures usage is always available for those who dispose the signature.

  • Affordable for the user - signatures usage costs are proportional to the transaction value.

  • Verified and confirmed - in the right to its submission, data validity and possession appropriate funds , and as a result it’s trustworthy its recipient.


How it works


A signature made with the use of PKI 2.0 is a signature which key validity and other parameters related to its validity were verified and confirmed in the process of signing. The responsibility for the verification of the signature lies upon the Signature Authority – that’s how it guarantees that the signature was made in the mediated scheme and fulfils the criteria set in the signatures contents.




Confirmed signature

Controlled signature

Cost-effective signature

  • The validity of the signature is confirmed in the process of signing

  • Time of the signature is confirmed

  • Signature policy

  • Confirmed attributes

  • Additional methods of security (e.g. onetime passwords)

  • Transaction fee

  • Insured according to the transaction value

  • Additional financial services